April 16, 2021

Boba café, furniture store face shipping backlog and staff shortages | Las Vegas Local Breaking News, Headlines

Boba café, furniture store face shipping backlog and staff shortages | Las Vegas Local Breaking News, Headlines

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — First there was a toilet paper shortage, then ketchup and now Boba tea. 

The popular drink has edible tapioca pearls that are shipped from Asia. A backlog from oversees is impacting suppliers in the U.S. 

Noon Ketsorn, the owner of Noon’s Boba Café in Henderson, said her supplier started to run out a couple of weeks ago. She’s willing to drive to Southern California to restock, but the shortage will impact her café.

“Like a month. A month or two months. We never know how long,” Ketsorn said. 

For now she still has Boba, but won’t be giving extra to customers. 

She said right now her biggest shortage is finding workers to hire. Ketsorn said she’ll train someone for a day and they’ll quit not long after, just enough to get on the pay roll. 

”For right now they changed the rules. People just come to work and then they get fired. They can select unemployment. Before they had to be at least six months,” Ketsorn said. 

The owner at LV Sofa Factory is also struggling to find solid people to hire. Amit Stern said he’ll get hundreds of emails of applications, but no one shows up.

“I hear from people that says I can make more staying at home then work for you so why am I going to do that? It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for us,” Stern said.

He’s looking to hire at least two positions. 

Stern said his furniture store is dealing with a merchandise backlog. Their most recent stock took three months.

“Prices are crazy. Excuses all the time we get. We get stories from salesmen that sell the product that in China they have the stuff ready but no containers so they cannot ship them. And when they get to California because all the problems in LA, they’re so strict they cannot unload so it’s always stops on the way you know,” Stern said. 

He said one advantage his store has is that they sell all of their inventory from the floor.

”So anybody comes in and wants something they can have right away, but what you see is what you get,” Stern said.

Stern said he is seeing a change in the way customers are shopping. 

“Before you will look around and take your time and now what can I get? What can I have? They’re changing- they’re less picky because they waited for months,” Stern said. 

He said for custom furniture, it could take at the very least three months to get, and the longest it could take is six months. 

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