July 29, 2021

Booming furniture sales mean long delays

Booming furniture sales mean long delays

If you’re looking to buy new furniture, be prepared to wait and, in some cases, wait a long time.

MUNCY, Pa. — The warehouse at Keystone Furniture Galleries near Muncy is typically filled with furniture. But right now, there’s not much in stock.  

“I don’t think anybody anticipated the volume of business that was going to happen, not only here but everywhere in the country,” said Charles Levering, sales manager at Keystone Furniture Galleries.  

Levering says this has been one of the busiest years the store has seen.  

“Last year, a lot of people, I think, were in their homes, and one of the things they decided to do was spruce up their living room or dining room.”

The high demand for furniture means delays in every step of the supply chain. Levering says it’s a nationwide issue.

For example, a special-order La-Z-Boy piece would typically take about six to eight weeks to arrive.

“If you special order a La-Z-Boy today, you’re looking at probably March of next year.”

Levering says recently an order of furniture was delayed because there were not enough truck drivers.

“I guess there’s tractor-trailer loads of furniture sitting down there in Tennessee and Mississippi, and they don’t have anybody to drive the trucks.”

And it’s not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent weather issues in Texas are affecting foam production.

“Automatically, all the upholstery manufacturers added four weeks to their delivery times,” Levering explained. “Some of them are still having trouble getting foam.”

Levering says if you’re looking or waiting for furniture, the best thing you can do is be patient.

Customers can buy furniture off the sales floor and see what stores have in stock if they don’t want to wait.

“There’s no magic bullet right now for the situation. It’s just something people are going to have to come to grips with.”

Levering estimates the furniture delays could take at least a year to iron out. Even so, sales are still skyrocketing.

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