April 16, 2021

Furniture Bank’s new pickup services make donating items even easier | Lifestyles

Furniture Bank's new pickup services make donating items even easier | Lifestyles

The Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan has announced a new suite of services just in time to help everyone with their spring cleaning.

Items such as desks, armoires, China cabinets and even exercise equipment can not only be donated but picked up, and quickly if needed.

“Over the years we’ve learned that in addition to the basics our furniture donors also want to get rid of things like desks, china cabinets and exercise equipment,” said Rob Boyle, executive director of the Furniture Bank. “The families we’ve traditionally served don’t necessarily need them but we’re able to offer them at no charge to folks who can use them. We dispose of the items we’re unable to find a home for.”

The new premium services include:

• You call we haul it away service – Trained professionals will carefully remove and dispose of bulky items such as desks and entertainment centers. They will also take items that are a little more than gently used.

• The extra mile service — For a modest charge the Furniture Bank will drive to communities beyond its regular pick-up areas near its home base of Port Huron. This includes northern Macomb cities such as Richmond, Oakland cities such as Holly or Leonard and even Wayne County communities such as Van Buren Township and Worden.

• Fast track service – This is for those who need an item removed ASAP. The Furniture Bank can send a truck out sooner than the next scheduled pick-up day in your area.

All proceeds from the services go to help the Furniture Bank’s mission to provide needy families in the Detroit area with beds and essential home furnishings. For more than 50 years, the nonprofit organization has supported more than 65,000 vulnerable families in need of help.

The program operates on a referral basis in conjunction with 75 local health and human service partners, helping children and families transitioning from homelessness, abuse, working with child protective services or receiving mental health services.

“It’s really a triple win,” Boyle added, of the program that was piloted in 2020, and successfully collected more than 3,000 items, which went to 1,100 families at no charge. “Donors get items removed from their homes at a reasonable cost, people of limited means get things they can use at no charge, and the Furniture Bank makes money to provide the essentials for families who have the greatest need. The Furniture Bank wants everyone to feel good about their home.”

To schedule a pickup call 248-332-1300 or email donations@furniture-bank.org

For more information visit furniture-bank.org

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